Gucci 6 Doors Wardrobe
6 Doors


6 Doors Wardrobe

Width: 260 cm

Height: 230 cm

Depth: 60 cm

Total Volume: 1.05 cbm

Total Weight: 350 kgs

Total Packages: 8 Packs

MOQ: 1-5 Pieces

Delivery Term: FOB Gemlik

Loading Port: Gemlik / Turkey

Origin: Made in Turkey

6 Doors Wardrobe - 1 Piece

Carton Box Packing

Flat Packed

E1 Quality Material

2 Years Warranty

These prices are just for export and don't include shipping. Due to differences in monitors, technical factors, and natural characteristics of woods and finishes, the colours shown here can't be represented with their true qualities and should only be used as a reference. To request a finish sample, please contact with customer service.

Uploaded on 16.09.2020

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